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    Ten to One 8 Year "Black History Month" Rum (Caribbean)

    Ten to One 8 Year "Black History Month" Rum (Caribbean)

    In honor of Black History Month 2023, Ten to One collaborated with Brooklyn artist Devin B. Johnson, to produce the unique artwork, titled 'Inner Glow,' featured on this bottle.

    'Inner Glow' pays tribute to the strength and wisdom derived from the shared cultural heritage of the Black community. The dominant blue color scheme is inspired by the historical influences of West Africa, symbolizing unity and harmony. The central figure, symbolizing the African diaspora, looks resolutely towards the future.

    The aroma is opulent, featuring honey and fruity notes with a touch of spice. The palate showcases a delightful blend of vanilla, nutmeg, dried fruits, cinnamon, banana bread, and allspice - more extensive than the typical Ten to One.

    A portion of all sales of this limited-edition bottle go to support the arts organization. ARTNOIR, advocating for artists of color around the globe.

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    About The Producer

    Ten to One Rum

    Established in 2019 by Marc Farrell, Ten to One Rum is a Caribbean brand who's name draws inspiration from the West Indies Federation, comprising 10 countries. The name is a nod to a renowned quote from Trinidad and Tobago's inaugural Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams. Ciara became an investor, co-owned, and director at Ten to One Rum in 2021, collaborating closely with Marc in various domains across the company.