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    Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey "Rosemount" Rum Barrel Rye (Washington, DC)

    Sold out

    Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey "Rosemount" Rum Barrel Rye (Washington, DC)

    Enclosed within this bottle lies the outcome of our cherished Kilbourne Place Rye maturing in a Cotton & Reed rum barrel for four terms - a delightful concoction, combining grounded sensibilities with a hint of untamed spirit! Aged for 6 years and bottled at 92 proof, only 264 bottles of Rosemount were crafted - grab yours before they're gone!

    Region: District of Columbia

    About The Producer

    Mt. Pleasant Whiskey Club

    John Loughner and Troy Hughes revived Mt Pleasant Whiskey during the covid lockdown while trying to stay sane with young children. Over a bonfire, the two decided to launch a historic Whiskey Brand, Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey, with their first bottling paying homage to the street where an empty, old bottle of this whiskey was found - 19th Street. With a love for DC and the Mt. Pleasant community, each limited edition batch contributes to a cause in the community, with proceeds of the profits going back to the Mt. Pleasant Village and the city of DC.