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    2022 Where's Linus Sauvignon Blanc (Sebastopol, CA) 3W


    Slightly more fruit and body thanks to warmer climates and riper grapes

    2022 Where's Linus Sauvignon Blanc (Sebastopol, CA) 3W

    A hazy Sauvignon Blanc, evoking a laid-back California citrus blast. The nose carries ripe citrus juice with a tropical touch while the palate is rounded, offering a lively freshness, and features hints of sweet yellow grapefruit, along with subtle notes of grassiness and minerality.

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    About The Varietal

    Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc is a white-wine grape originating from western France, and it has achieved success in both emerging and established wine regions globally. This grape variety is known for producing lightly colored, aromatic, and dry white wines with a refreshing acidity.

    About The Producer

    Where's Linus

    Hailing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Chris Christensen, winemaker at Where's Linus, initially did not see winemaking as a viable career option for those not born into a winemaking family. His perspective changed during a wine-tasting trip to Sonoma during his Junior year at Stanford. Originally motivated, as he candidly admits, by the notion that wine knowledge may impress girls, his interest quickly transformed into a genuine passion. As an African American vintner, Chris actively advocates for diversity and inclusion in the wine industry through speaking engagements, podcasts, and mentorship opportunities. His efforts have garnered recognition, including a spot in Wine Enthusiast's 40 under 40 industry shakers in 2020. Alongside "Where's Linus," Chris is also the proprietor and producer of Bodkin Wines.


    Slightly more fruit and body thanks to warmer climates and riper grapes