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    2022 Timo Mayer Syrah (Yarra Valley, AU) 7R


    Creamier wines with balanced fruit, alcohol, acidity, and body. The "yummy" section.

    2022 Timo Mayer Syrah (Yarra Valley, AU) 7R

    Timo Mayer produces a limited quantity of Syrah annually.

    Most of the Mayer vineyard is dedicated to growing Pinot Noir, yet a select portion at the higher elevations of the Hill is reserved for Syrah. This Syrah is crafted like his other wines, utilizing 100% whole-bunch fermentation. In this area of the Yarra Valley, the conditions are ideal for creating outstanding Syrah. Timo's version is light, iron-infused, and somewhat enigmatic, showcasing the grape's exceptional promise in this locale.

    This is a must-try for aficionados of Syrah, which is spicy, intricate, and robustly structured. However, due to its limited availability, prompt action is advised.

    12 in stock!

    About The Varietal


    Shiraz and Syrah are interchangeable names for the same dark-skinned grape variety when viewed in terms of DNA. Originating in the Rhône Valley, this grape dominates plantings in the northern section of the valley. The name Shiraz is commonly used in Australia and certain regions of the New World, particularly those with warmer climates. The stylistic differences between Shiraz and Syrah wines are often distinct, contributing to the enduring dual identities of this grape variety.

    About The Producer

    Timo Mayer

    Timo Mayer is a hip little winery “bringing back the funk” in the Yarra Valley of Australia. Timo grew up in Germany, where his family had been making wine for over 400 years. Upon arriving to Australia, Timo and his wife, Rhonda, planted their vineyard on a slope they named Bloody Hill, “because it was bloody steep!” Originally receiving acclaim for his innovate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Timo has started experimenting with varieties like Nebbiolo and Gamay, all through natural winemaking processes, to reflect the true expression of the Yarra Valley.


    Creamier wines with balanced fruit, alcohol, acidity, and body. The "yummy" section.