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    2021 Ruth Lewandowski "Naomi" Grenache Gris (Sonoma Valley, CA) 4W


    Techniques like neutral barrels, lees contact, and cement tanks add body and texture

    2021 Ruth Lewandowski "Naomi" Grenache Gris (Sonoma Valley, CA) 4W

    Gibson Ranch exclusively sources 100% Grenache Gris from its century-old vines for this white wine, epitomizing restraint, balance, and the pleasure of gradual revelation. With its intricate texture, it delivers substance and expansiveness while retaining its crisp, acidic brightness. Naomi doesn't seek attention with loud flavors; it embodies refined elegance with layers of subtle intensity. Indulge in this limited-yield, highly concentrated vintage for a delightful experience of ripe white peach, fennel bulb, and chamomile honey, finishing with a hint of minerality.

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    About The Varietal

    Grenache Gris

    Grenache Gris is a grape variety with a pinkish-grey hue, stemming from a mutation of the red Grenache grape. It is cultivated in limited quantities in the southern regions of France. Producing varietal wines from Grenache Gris is a rare and niche pursuit for winemakers, as there is little commercial incentive to do so. These wines typically display aromas of apricot and stone fruit, accompanied by a full, occasionally viscous palate.

    About The Producer

    Ruth Lewandowski

    After gaining experience at Banner in Alsace, Evan Lewandowski founded Ruth Lewandowski Wines in 2012, initially establishing it in Utah before relocating to Mendocino, California in 2018. Evan's philosophy revolves around the natural cycle of life, which inspired the winery's name from the book of Ruth, symbolizing the cycle of death and redemption found in nature. He is committed to organic farming and spontaneous fermentation. According to Evan, natural fermentation involves the succession of multiple strains of yeast and bacteria, each contributing distinct flavors, aromas, and textures as they thrive and fade, paving the way for the next strain.


    Techniques like neutral barrels, lees contact, and cement tanks add body and texture