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    2021 Chrysalis Vineyards Norton Estate Bottled (Middleburg, VA) 6R


    Warmer growing regions, fully ripened grapes, extended barrel-aging add to the wine’s body

    2021 Chrysalis Vineyards Norton Estate Bottled (Middleburg, VA) 6R

    Velvety and decadent, this fragrant wine showcases the distinctively robust and fruit-driven essence of Norton, featuring hints of dark cherry, plum, raspberry, dark chocolate, and a subtle hint of mint. The inclusion of Nebbiolo introduces a red berry profile and adds structure with its naturally high tannins. Completing the experience, the wine concludes with a subtle oak presence, mingling seamlessly with notes of vanilla and cocoa, enhancing the pronounced fruitiness of Norton and the refined tannins from Nebbiolo.

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    About The Varietal


    Originating in Richmond, Virginia, Norton grape holds the prestigious title of the official grape of Missouri, serving as the foundation of its wine industry. This varietal presents a deep, robust profile reminiscent of dark berry fruits, with subtle undertones of cloves and coffee. Contrary to expectation, it doesn't exhibit overpowering tannins, yet it boasts a refreshing acidity that enhances its aging potential. Norton stands out as a unique choice for wine enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and unparalleled tasting experience.

    About The Producer

    Chrysalis Vineyards

    Chrysalis Vineyards is dedicated to " proudly restoring Virginia wines to world renown, and celebrating the homecoming of Norton, the Real American Grape!” Owner Jennifer McCloud's vision is to focus on cultivating Norton, alongside other proven European grape varieties that flourish in Virginia's unique terroir. Rather than making “the world’s 350th best Merlot,” Chrysalis Vineyards prioritizes producing exceptional wines that speak for themselves internationally. Jennifer's goal is to craft wines of such distinction that they require no further justification or apology (you know.. “Well, this is pretty good for Virginia.”) Norton, being Virginia's indigenous grape, holds a special place in this endeavor.


    Warmer growing regions, fully ripened grapes, extended barrel-aging add to the wine’s body