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    2020 Luca "Laborde Double Select" Syrah (Mendoza, AR) 8R


    Old World subtlety is replaced with a juicy New World palate. Real fullness begins here.

    2020 Luca "Laborde Double Select" Syrah (Mendoza, AR) 8R

    Another best-seller at UG, the Luca Double Select is from one of Argentina's most prolific and well-respected winemaking families. You'll love its dark berry fruit and smoked meat flavors. This wine has lots of toasty wood undertones that create warming sensations while you drink. Pleasing, hearty, and always reliably delicious! Though it may feel imposing at first sip, over time it will open up to reveal a comforting and complex flavor profile. If you're not currently in the mood for a big bold red, no worries; save it for a rainy day and thank us later.

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    About The Varietal


    Shiraz and Syrah are interchangeable names for the same dark-skinned grape variety when viewed in terms of DNA. Originating in the Rhône Valley, this grape dominates plantings in the northern section of the valley. The name Shiraz is commonly used in Australia and certain regions of the New World, particularly those with warmer climates. The stylistic differences between Shiraz and Syrah wines are often distinct, contributing to the enduring dual identities of this grape variety.

    About The Producer


    Luca emerged from Laura Catena's aspiration to craft a distinct category of Argentinian wines: characterized by limited production, artisanal excellence, and a genuine expression of their unique terroirs. A trailblazer in Mendoza, Laura collaborates with small-scale growers to cultivate top-notch grapes from some of Argentina's finest old-vine, low-yield, high-altitude vineyards. The name "Luca" is a tribute to her eldest son and serves as a symbol of her deep love for her family.


    Old World subtlety is replaced with a juicy New World palate. Real fullness begins here.