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    2020 Beaux Freres Chardonnay (Willamette, OR) 5W


    Medium-bodied wines with more structure and a mouth-feel similar to whole milk

    2020 Beaux Freres Chardonnay (Willamette, OR) 5W

    Sourced primarily from two early ripening sites on Parrett Mountain, Star Mooring and Doration, both sites farmed exclusively by winemaker Mike D. Etzel. This is a wine of pure precision that expresses notions of key lime, white raspberry, shiso leaf, and lemon curd. This falls into what one might call a Premier Cru category: a wine that drinks fresh and generously right away but has proven to age with grace over the course of 10+ years.(This is SO GOOD.)
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    About The Varietal


    Chardonnay, possibly the most famous among white grape varieties, is frequently regarded as reaching its peak expression in its Burgundian birthplace. However, this grape has journeyed across the globe, and Chardonnay wines, ranging from outstanding to less inspiring, can now be discovered in various wine-producing regions worldwide.

    About The Producer

    Beaux Freres Vineyard

    Beaux Frères Vineyard is a well-known winery located in Oregon's Willamette Valley, specifically in the Ribbon Ridge AVA (American Viticultural Area). It was founded by Michael Etzel and his brother-in-law, wine critic Robert Parker, in 1991. The name "Beaux Frères" translates to "beautiful brothers" in French, reflecting the family connection between the founders. With an emphasis on sustainable and organic farming practices, the winery is renowned for its production of high-quality Pinot Noir.


    Medium-bodied wines with more structure and a mouth-feel similar to whole milk