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    2018 Closeries des Moussis Haut-Medoc (Bordeaux, FR) 5R


    Medium-bodied wines with more structure and a mouth-feel similar to whole milk

    2018 Closeries des Moussis Haut-Medoc (Bordeaux, FR) 5R

    Delightful smooth red and black fruits display exceptional purity and a lingering finish. This is truly a remarkable Haut-Medoc, free from the influence of new oak and added sulfur dioxide. Remarkably delicious for immediate enjoyment or suitable for cellaring for a decade to fifteen years.

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    About The Varietal

    Bordeaux Blend

    A red Bordeaux blend primarily consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, supplemented by smaller amounts of Malbec and Petit Verdot, with Carménère occasionally included. While the term naturally applies to all red wines originating from Bordeaux, it is also suitable for wines produced beyond the region, such as those from California, Washington, Argentina, and other locations.

    About The Producer

    Closeries des Moussis

    Les Closeries des Moussis is a small-scale domain overseen by two remarkable women since 2009, crafting refined and subtle natural wines within the challenging terroir of Bordeaux. Pascale Choime, with a background in Cognac as the daughter of an oenologist and former cellar master in a Médoc vineyard, joins forces with Laurence Alias, an agricultural engineer. Together, they are committed to producing natural wines with utmost respect for the environment. Employing biodynamic farming practices, they meticulously tend to their vines, conducting all vineyard work manually and utilizing a draft horse for soil cultivation.


    Medium-bodied wines with more structure and a mouth-feel similar to whole milk