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    *3P* 2022 Progressive Wine Co. Rose of Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley, CA)


    Slightly more fruit and body thanks to warmer climates and riper grapes

    Sold out

    *3P* 2022 Progressive Wine Co. Rose of Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley, CA)

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    Tastes great with beach days and block parties! This is a wine that plays well with food, so it will love your salad as much as it loves your burger. And don’t feel like you have to get fancy with this wine…it was built for your solo cup.

    Get ready to have your mouth water with each and every sip! Enjoy notes of salted watermelon, underripe strawberry and bright, zesty acidity that gets your tastebuds ready for food! 

    But enough about what we think - tell us your tasting notes! Community learning helps us all feel like wine experts!

    About The Varietal

    Pinot Noir

    Ranked as the 10th most widely planted grape variety globally, Pinot Noir has amassed a dedicated following among passionate wine enthusiasts. Originally the predominant red wine grape of Burgundy, its allure has led to widespread adoption and admiration in vineyards across the globe. The elusive charm of Pinot Noir has found a home in diverse wine regions worldwide.

    About The Producer

    Progressive Wine Co.

    Founded by TJ and Hadley Douglas, of the Urban Grape, Progressive Wine Company believes in a more inclusive world. A portion of the proceeds from all PWC sales will support the education of future cohorts in our Wine Studies Award program.