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    2023 Dodon Vineyards Rose (Davidsonville, MD) 2P


    Cooler alpine and maritime climate wines with light-body and high acidity

    2023 Dodon Vineyards Rose (Davidsonville, MD) 2P

    This Merlot based rosé was recently released and is ready for summer time. With notes of tart cherry and raspberry this wine can stand up to meat and mushrooms but is also delightful on its own.

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    About The Varietal


    Merlot is a red wine grape variety that holds significant historical connections to Bordeaux and the southwestern regions of France. It is linked both to approachable, easy-drinking red wines and to the prestigious labels of Saint-Émilion and Pomerol, showcasing its versatility in producing wines of various styles and qualities.

    About The Producer

    The Vineyards at Dodon

    Polly, the owner, grew up at Dodon when it was an active tobacco farm. After 16 years in Argentina, where she was involved in human rights work and raised her three daughters, she was eager to return home. In 2005, Polly and Tom relocated to Dodon, collaborating with her extended family to protect the farm and produce these delightful wines. Additionally, Polly teaches health policy at George Washington University. "As part of the eighth generation of the family to raise our children and grandchildren on this ever-changing property, we are acutely aware of our good fortune. But that good fortune is also a reminder of our obligation to work forcefully, persistently, and constructively not just towards better environmental stewardship of the land but also to advance a more equitable society. Like the history of this country, the farm's history is both wonderful and painful. Both need to be acknowledged."


    Cooler alpine and maritime climate wines with light-body and high acidity